Hello everyone! Welcome to ‘The Travelling Thali’, a small piece of me in cyberspace where I will share my culinary and travel adventures, wherever they may take me.

Thali refers to a meal from Western, Central and North-Western India, that hosts a selection of different dishes on a plate. Coming from a West Indian (Gujarati) background with a passion and love for all things gastronomical, and being an avid traveller – lead to the creation of this blog – ‘The Travelling Thali’.

Since I’ve been a lifelong vegetarian, all posts about food or nutrition of any kind will be based on a meat-free lifestyle.

I hope you join me in all my adventures (or lack thereof) and deepen my love and passion for food!

5 thoughts on “About

  1. Pranams.
    My Name is Balarama Chandra das. I am interested in hearing more about your experience at Vaidyagrama. Could we correspond about this?

    Thank you.
    Om Tat Sat.

  2. Great blog! I was hoping to also correspond with you about your time studying at Vaidyagrama. Could you please contact me about it? Thank you 🙂

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